Fertility and Chinese nutrition

It gets very confusing to sort out which exact foods and drinks are good for fertility, and which of the fad diets help.

Since most women want to know what they can be doing at home, I answer with basic Eastern medicine nutrition advice: keep your belly warm! Simple, no stressful specifics of food types to give you anxiety. Variety of foods is key for nutrition anyway.

When I ask a patient, “do you tend to eat more cooked and warm foods, or cold and raw”, sometimes I hear “cold and raw, because that’s what people are saying you should do know”.

Acupuncturists say forget about the marketing idea du jour; our priority nutritionally is to make your digestive system optimal, and your organs warm, to keep blood flowing to the uterus.

We want to see all women eat cooked and warm foods.

Do you notice when you have a hot cup of tea or a nice hot meal, your hands and feet are no longer cold? That means your vessels are open and blood is flowing nicely. Cold abdomen and foods lead to a constriction of the vessels, and stagnation of blood. Your uterus doesn’t like that. Good blood flow also encourages hormone flow, so stay on warm meals. The Chinese don’t believe in cold drinks or ice cream daily, so it would be wise to stop having smoothies every breakfast and salads every lunch. And enjoy your steak and potatoes! Monthly blood loss means we should replace the blood with meat. Bon appetite!


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