These needles feel so good!

Of course our most commonly asked question is: “Does acupuncture hurt?

The short answer is usually no, because the needles are the thickness of a human hair. But being a careful practitioner who uses techniques taught in school to minimize sensation helps, too.

We typically insert the needles carefully without the patient feeling anything, and then we say, “let me know when you feel something. Anything to let us know it triggered. A pinch, a pressure, a tingle, a zap…any of those count. But then it should fade away after a few seconds so you can rest easily.” We make sure it fades.

Chinese medicine says: Symptoms & disease come from stuck qi. Also STRESS contributes to stuck qi. It’s important for any patient to be non-stressed during the session. Whatever the chief complaint is, let’s get the qi flowing for starters. Now, this is especially important for our fertility¬†patients.

You can think of ‘Qi flowing’ as our neurotransmitters, our lymph, our nervous system, or HORMONES, etc. doing their work. All the things that flow throughout our body and keep us functioning need to stay balanced. Stress throws a wrench in the works; it triggers too much of the adrenal hormone, cortisol. We want to make sure estrogen and progesterone are flowing as they should be, but excess cortisol in the brain can get in the way of the other hormones’ output. This is why stress can affect our reproductive cycles so easily. This also makes it imperative for us to not add stress, but to let acupuncture bring zen-like rest to the patient. Then we can work towards bringing the balance back to the body.


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