Health insurance coverage

rabbits-yellow-tree       Word is spreading pretty quickly that acupuncture is used for more than just stress or back pain.  Many people hesitate to take prescription drugs, antibiotics, or have unnecessary procedures done. They research alternatives they can try with their insurance coverage, and then ask me if I can help with whatever the health concern is. This is an excellent use of your insurance.   A great cheat sheet I like to use is a publication by the World Health Organization, recapping what has been proven to be conditions treatable by acupuncture.   (It’s found on my website as well:

Below is a partial list taken from the W.H.O. 2003 report:

Adverse reactions to radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy

Allergic rhinitis including hay fever


Back pain/pain of any kind


Digestive problems

Facial pain

Fertility issues


High/low blood pressure

Induction of labour


Menopausal symptoms

Menstrual irregularities

Neurological conditions


Stress and anxiety

Thyroid issues

        Nationally, many insurance companies cover acupuncture services.   But it can be hard to find a provider willing to work with insurance.    There are some of us, like me, who are fully in-network with some insurance providers such as United Healthcare.

      Under one insurance company there are many different plans, offering different levels of benefits.   Member may look up the benefits to see what is covered before an appointment. If you just look in your provider directory, that won’t be specific enough for your plan. I am listed nationally in the UHC directory, but there are many UHC plans that don’t cover acupuncture.    Feel free to call the provider (me) to check your benefits for you before you arrive for your appointment.

       I can find out if you need to meet a deductible,  your copay , how many visits per year you are covered for, and if you have met your out-of-pocket.  Also your plan may specify what you can receive acupuncture for, as a covered service.  (All ailments…pain only…etc.)

*If your plan covers acupuncture but the provider is not in-network, you should receive a receipt called a SUPERBILL at the time of treatment. Submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement.


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