Rosalyn Carter still inspires mental health discussions

Depression and anxiety are finally becoming socially accepted as medical conditions worth diagnosing and treating.  We are still in a gray area or purgatory where many sufferers acknowledge their symptoms, but fear the treatment. Maybe part of it lies in some shame of needing medicine, but in many cases the stories of the meds' side … Continue reading Rosalyn Carter still inspires mental health discussions


Health insurance coverage

       Word is spreading pretty quickly that acupuncture is used for more than just stress or back pain.  Many people hesitate to take prescription drugs, antibiotics, or have unnecessary procedures done. They research alternatives they can try with their insurance coverage, and then ask me if I can help with whatever the health concern … Continue reading Health insurance coverage

Fertility and Chinese nutrition

It gets very confusing to sort out which exact foods and drinks are good for fertility, and which of the fad diets help. Since most women want to know what they can be doing at home, I answer with basic Eastern medicine nutrition advice: keep your belly warm! Simple, no stressful specifics of food types … Continue reading Fertility and Chinese nutrition

How do you become an acupuncturist?

In the U.S., most of us go to a 4-year graduate school, and a few can opt for a 4-year apprenticeship instead. These accredited schools are independent of other universities, and graduates receive a Masters of Science. You may see MSOM (Master of Science, Oriental Medicine) or MSTCM (Master of Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine) after … Continue reading How do you become an acupuncturist?